Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here is an interesting character. This is Cosmo, not the one from Seinfeld. He "has been picking up trash in these lots since the 70s". I first met this guy in Indiana at a three day Phish run a few years back. A friend and I were getting breakfast at a makeshift restaurant set up in the lot when we spotted him. He was sitting on the gravel road trying to get his lighter to work to light a good sized string of firecrackers in front of him. This was like 7 in the morning! Luckily some police officers stopped him before he could set the thing off.
Throughout the weekend my friends and I had several other interactions with Cosmo. I knew I had to get a picture of this dude. I got this one when he was lingering around the camp across from us. I didn't even notice that he was looking until I developed the film later. His stare is frightening. I would venture to guess that other people who have attended any Phish shows in the past may have run into Cosmo. If they have they would remember.

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