Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where's my backpack?

Here's a goofy one. It kind of looks like a flag to me, but I probably just like it because it's weird. I made this for part of a photo assignment. 
The image is photo-copied pictures of young me,  that I then cut out of the background. I placed the paper images on top of photo paper, in the dark room, along with star stickers and exposed it to light. This may of working is sometimes called a Ray-o-graph, after Man Ray. He was an artist and photographer and he often worked in this way. 
If you notice the one picture of me I am wearing a large backpack, and in the many small images of me I have no backpack. The photo project told a story about my first day of school, when I left all my stuff on the bus, no one was there to meet me, and I basically was freaking out. Funny story. This image is supposed to represent when I realized I didn't have any of my stuff and I freaked out!
Without the story though, it just looks like something a kid would fly over their tree-house.  So that is why I like this one.

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